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Photo Gallery

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Dances of Universal Peace

At the start of every school week, all students and their teachers come together for Dances of Universal Peace. The idea is that we begin our week by moving together in harmony .

These dances were introduced to the world in the 1960s by Samuel Lewis, a scholar of Buddhism, Judaism and Sufism, advocate of organic agriculture, and international proponent of world peace. Lewis believed that if people could eat, dance and pray together, there would be peace on Earth; teaching these dances formed part of his mission.

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The dances, most of which are performed in a circle, combine simple movements with songs and chants from spiritual traditions from around the world. The themes honor peace, love, the Divine, nature, and the unity of humanity. Through the music, our students become acquainted with foreign phrases, names and stories from various cultures.

Rudolf Steiner died in 1925; Dances of Universal Peace did not begin until the late 1960s. While not formally part of the Waldorf curriculum, Dances of Universal Peace are very much in keeping with the spirit and purpose of Waldorf-inspired education. Waldorf education came into being in the aftermath of World War I, when some forward-thinking individuals felt the need for a new type of education. They asked philosopher Rudolf Steiner to develop a new kind of school: one that would help children become harmonious citizens who would create a just and peaceful society. The result was Waldorf education. Dances of Universal Peace fully support these aims. .

Christmas Parade in Little Washington 12/4/2011

Kathy Edwards suits up and shares a recently vacated honey bee hive with the students and faculty of Hearthstone School. She took this opportunity to show the difference between actual honey comb and brood comb (where the queen lays eggs). The students were excited to see, touch, and learn about all the honey bee products created in the hive. She also emphasized the respect we need to have for the honey bee because they are so necessary to our survival.
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