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pre-K through 12th grade  
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“Heart, Head and Hands”
“Education is not a question of what knowledge children need to acquire to enter society, but what capacities in human beings can be developed to bring new forces into society.”

 —Rudolf Steiner


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At Hearthstone we are committed to:

  • honoring each child's spirit while emphasizing responsibility and cooperation;

  • fostering academic excellence through an integrated, Waldorf-based curriculum that reveals the interrelatedness of all knowledge, and which teaches children how to learn rather than merely how to memorize information;

  • an experiential approach that allows each subject to be explored through many modalities and hands-on activities including discussion, field investigations, drama, drawing, film, photography and music in addition to written material;

  • Students start the week with Sufi Dances of Universal Peace
  • periodically re-evaluating our curriculum and assessment strategies, incorporating new approaches where necessary while preserving the strength and stability of the existing programs;

  • cultivating a spirit of ownership and community, where children see their parents involved regularly in the daily life of the school; and

  • respect for others, reverence for nature, service to the wider community and a sense of unity with all life.

    The Core Council

  • Hearthstone is a parent cooperative governed by a Core Council, which is elected annually by the parent members. The Core Council oversees the day-to-day operation of the school, including academics, discipline, administration and budget.

Students Speak

“ Hearthstone embraces you and inspires you to learn.”
Kelli, 12th Grade

"I like the way Hearthstone feels like one big family.”
Ashley, 9th Grade



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